Downey’s® Original Cakes?

Downey’s® Original Liqueur Cakes have long been synonymous with that old-world feeling that comes from the unique combination of a nostalgic atmosphere, familiar smells and traditional recipes. These irresistible, legendary gourmet cakes have a truly uncommon taste that will take you, your guests, or your family to a place where time stands still.

Jack Downey, who in 1976 created Downey’s Original Liqueur Cakes in the kitchen of his Irish restaurant in Philadelphia, envisioned a delightful oasis for visitors and locals alike. This affable restaurateur achieved his dream of catering to those who desired an incredible hearty meal, topped off with his great tasting, gourmet liqueur cakes.


Over three decades later, you can still enjoy these delectable, elegantly packaged cakes; a classic way to gather with friends and family to build lasting memories. Downey’s Original Liqueur Cakes are perfect for celebrating special occasions, entertaining, year-round gift giving, and personal indulgences.

Downey’s Original Cakes: Enjoy them all!

  • Downey’s Irish Whiskey Cake
  • Downey’s Amaretto Liqueur Cake
  • Downey’s Lemon Vodka Cake
  • Downey’s Chocolate Martini Cake

So Easy to Serve

Downey’s Original Cakes should always be stored flat to allow the liquor content to flow throughout the cake. Refrigerate after opening. This product contains less than one half of one percent of alcohol by weight.